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Piling and Foundations

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Daniel Smith Industries have the expertise, equipment and experience to complete the design and installation of the following types of pile types: Daniel Smith Industries Ltd - Piling & Foundations
  • Drilled (open hole or cased, up to 3m dia. x 50m deep)
  • Driven (steel, timber, precast)
  • Sheet piling (all types – permanent and temporary)
  • Screw piling
  • Grout Anchored piles
  • Spiral flight auger / continuous flight auger piles
  • Concrete Injection piles
  • Ground Improvement / piling including:
    • dynamic compaction
    • insitu vibro densification
    • cement grout injection / vibro probe jet method
    • stone column construction
    • wick drain injection and sand drain piles

Daniel Smith Industries own and operate an extensive fleet of modern piling and foundation construction equipment. We operate New Zealand’s largest piling hammers and pile vibro units, and have New Zealand’s only silent pile press (Giken 130Nc4), and continuous casing rotator / jacking machine (Sanwa SRD 1500H).

Daniel Smith Industries piling resources / equipment consists of: Daniel Smith Industries Ltd - Piling & Foundations 2
  • 10 hydraulic pile hammers ranging from 3 to 18 ton ram weights
  • 7 vibrators for installing and extracting pile casing
  • Tripod pile rigs and leader attachments for crawler cranes
  • Pile caisson hydraulic jacking rotators and oscillating equipment for casing up to 2.5m diameter
  • Rotary drilling equipment for drilling of piles 450mm to 2,500mm diameter
  • Down hole rock drilling equipment
  • Down hole grab buckets for piles 900mm to 2,500mm diameter
  • 3,000 psi high volume water jet pumps
  • 2,800 ton stock of sheet pile type LX16, LX20, LX32, FSP2, FSP3 and FSP4
  • 700 ton stock of steel H pile
  • 1,500 ton stock of 400mm to 2,500mm diameter pile casing
  • 2 Bauer vibrating probes for ground improvement stone column work
  • Engineering work shop with pile casing, rolling and welding / manufacturing equipment.

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