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Daniel Smith Industries Ltd - Health & Safety Daniel Smith Industries have completed civil engineering, heavy lift and transport operations throughout New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands, Samoa, Fiji and Antarctica.

We own and operate some of New Zealand’s largest cranes. We complete complex civil engineering, heavy lift and transport operations in harsh environments and challenging remote sites, to demanding programs. For two decades we have safely completed many thousands of lifts, along with tens of millions of dollars worth of civil construction work.

This has been achieved by:
  • Owning quality well maintained equipment
  • Employing safe, sensible and dedicated long term personnel that are team people
  • By investing in quality training and encouraging continuous personal improvement
  • By selecting and tendering for construction projects / work that suits DSI equipment and our personnel’s skills, qualifications and abilities
  • By planning and engineering projects so that work is completed without unnecessary risk
Daniel Smith Industries are long term members of Site Safe New Zealand, Crane Association of NZ, NZ Heavy Haulage Association and The Crane Industry Council of Australia, who regularly provide updated Health & Safety information, hazard alerts and quality training for our industry. Daniel has been actively involved in promoting safety and developing updated Codes of Practice.

Daniel Smith Industries Health & Safety Objectives:
  • PROMOTE safety and meet a goal of NO Injury / Accidents!
  • Comply with NZ Government and OSH legislative requirements
  • Establish working practices and guidelines that ensure a safe working environment for all employees, subcontractors, visitors and the public.
  • Provide a working environment with a safe, efficient and friendly culture.
Site Safe - CICA - PCA - Crane Association of New Zealand

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